Luke Skywalker Has OCD (May The 4th Be With You, Too)

In honor of Star Wars Day, I share an observation about Luke Skywalker. The dude went through a lot in life, and I respected that. But there has always been something about him that gets on my fucking nerves.

Was it the way he wined like a baby after Darth Vader introduced himself as Luke’s Daddy?

Was it the way he utterly failed to stand up to Uncle Owen before the latter was blasted to a crisp along with Aunt Beru?


Like most of the people I can’t stand, the problem is that I look at Luke and see my reflection…

4 thoughts on “Luke Skywalker Has OCD (May The 4th Be With You, Too)

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  4. Of course Luke has it, all the great ones do! Reminds me of a time I was on a camping trip and staying on a friend of mine’s motor home while they were away from camp a couple of days. My OCD really went put of control. During the day, I returned to camp 10-15 times to re-lock the door, re-turn off the pilot, re-pull down the shades etc. etc. Can’t say I am all better now, but I am much improved 🙂

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