The (Mostly) Lighter Side of THE OCD DIARIES

Who says the author has no sense of humor?

Mood music for this post: “Mother—– of the Year” by Motley Crue:

Some of the more light-hearted posts from the last couple months:

Case study: Darth Vader and His Brother Chad
The author finds a CNN article suggesting Darth Vader suffered from mental illness. Looking back, it all makes perfect sense.

The Case for Multiple Personalities
The author embraces the multiple personalities in his head.

How I Became the Easy Parent
Here’s a side of my recovery that the kids enjoy: I’m more of a push-over than I used to be.

OCD Group Therapy With Benefits
Not sure why I found this amusing. But I did.

How a Binge Eater in Recovery Packs for a Trip
The author’s program of recovery from addiction makes travel more interesting. Here’s how.

Road Kill (a Family Adventure)
The author on why he’s taking the family on a 10-hour car ride.

The author introduces his Granny, a sweet gal with an edge.

The OCD Diaries: Luke Skywalker Has OCD
Even a Jedi can have it…

How to Freak Out a Mouse with OCD!

Human Tourniquets and the Freaks Who Love ‘em
The author on a man who took a lot of abuse at the hands of his not-so-sane friend.

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