Airport Observations

When traveling, I enjoy people watching — especially in airports. Some observations from the Virgin America terminal in San Francisco…

Mood music:

–The TSA lady who frisked the young woman with two kids in tow seemed to be enjoying herself a bit much. The mom stared stoically into space while her kids got a first-class education on freedom and privacy in America.

–The line at the Peet’s Coffee stand is about a quarter mile, and the kid crying behind me isn’t helping the impatient, caffeine starved grown-ups manage very well. His parents seem perfectly at ease though. They’re ignoring the kid, which is probably why he’s crying so much.

–The terminal has some very comfy leather chairs. But they are bolted to the floor and not even remotely close to the power outlets.

–The waitress who served me breakfast was freakishly cheerful considering the crush of starved. impatient humanity around her. It was actually an inspiring example of grace under pressure.

–Lots of flights are delayed. Not because of the weather, but because so many people haven’t shown up to board on time. That means the San Francisco fog has mucked up traffic. Or it could be that these people are just rude and inconsiderate. Good thing they don’t hold up planes indefinitely for stragglers.

–The Peet’s coffee I finally got to purchase really hits the spot. But it’s not nearly as awesome as the Vietnamese coffee I was introduced to at lunch yesterday. I must learn how it’s made and what kinds of beans are needed.

–I’m grateful as I sit here. The RSA Conference and B-Sides was exhausting but a smashing success. I got to see a lot of people I usually only get to talk to in cyberspace. But I’m even more grateful that I’ll be seeing my wife and kids in a few hours.

Seize the day, friends. And if you’re traveling by plane and fish is on the menu, order the cheese and crackers instead.