This National Grammar Day, A Revere Kid Celebrates With Some Punk-uation

My wife is very excited because today is National Grammar Day. For writers and copy editors (she is both), this is kind of like St. Patrick’s Day and Easter rolled into one.

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Being a writer and editor myself, I should be just as excited. But I’m from Revere, Mass., where destroying grammar is a rite of passage. And, since I write more often than I edit, I’ve developed a rather cantankerous relationship with the copy editors I work with. Sure, I love ’em and all, but sometimes I can’t help but slip in deliberately bad grammar for fun.

Split infinitives? Love ’em. One line paragraphs? Love ’em. Saying “love ’em” instead of “I love them” — love that, too.

And, coming from Revere, I usually speak without the use of the letter “R” at the end of a word when it’s supposed to be there. I also use things like “killa” and “pissa” at random.

There was a time when I tried to conform. Once I realized I wanted to write, I chose English as a major and communications as a minor. I buried myself in the art and law of sentence structure, punctuation and even speech. I took a public speaking class specifically to work on saying the R at the end of the right words.

You could say I was turning my back on my Revere heritage.

As I hit middle age, my rebellious streak has re-asserted itself.

All that said, I am grateful for the editors in my life, especially my wife, for trying to keep me on the write path.

Happy National Grammar Day, y’all.


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