How To Avoid Becoming #RSAC Roadkill

I’m doing something I’ve never done before — Taking a stay-at-home vacation a week before flying out to a big conference. Yesterday we took the kids to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Today is more laid back.

Mood music:

The kids are on their February school vacation, which was my main reason for choosing this week. That it fell the week before RSA — one of the biggest security conferences of the year — was pure luck.

I always run myself ragged the week before a conference. Last year it caught up with me. This time I have a chance to soak up some quality family time and rest my brain before getting on the plane.

That should allow me to be at the top of my game in San Francisco next week.

Conferences have always brought out the the good and bad sides of my OCD. On a professional level it gives me the extra push to write more, network more, stay awake later for said networking, and get up and at ’em early. It also takes over the parts of my brain that manage my pacing and ability to stop and breath.

Not helping is that usually, the week before, I work in overdrive mode to get as much business out of the way as possible. In doing that, I’m already half burned before my plane takes off.

I’m not doing it that way this time. If it makes the difference I’m hoping for, I’ll have to make a tradition of week-before vacations.

Also lucky for me is that my physical is the day after I get home. So if I fall apart on the road, my doctor can stitch me back together.


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