Thanks, #RSAC, For Not Putting Us In The Dog House This Valentine’s Day

I couldn’t let this day go by without a little thank you to the organizers of the annual RSA Conference. Almost every year, they start the event on Valentine’s Day, which puts those of us with significant others in the dog house.

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No one wants to be away from their loved ones on a holiday like this, but for those who work in the security world, RSA is not a conference you can easily avoid. Especially if you are writing about all the news coming from there.

This year we have a two-week delay, and that will make many, many wives, husbands, children, boyfriends and girlfriends a lot happier.

I know I’m happier getting to see my wife and children today.

I’ll be honest: I tried to write a fresh post just on Valentine’s Day this morning and failed miserably. The first reason is that I’ve already written about the loves of my life in scores of posts. I decided to re-run some of those rather than repeat it all. The other reason is that my friend, Linda White, wrote a post in her blog that speaks to the holiday in language far better than anything new I could think of. You might say she stole my thunder.

For those who don’t particularly enjoy this holiday — I know some newly separated or divorced couples who are in this mindset right now — this is a good post for you. So leave here and go there.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


One thought on “Thanks, #RSAC, For Not Putting Us In The Dog House This Valentine’s Day

  1. Thank you so much, Bill. I intended to write an entirely different post, but the heart writes what it wants, I suppose. And I’m not one to condone a Nirvana cover but I really like this version.

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