Merry Christmas, Mr. And Mrs. @gattaca

My friend Dave Lewis and his wife Diana have had a brutal year, with her fight against cancer and all. But she has made huge progress since her summer diagnosis.

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Many of you know Dave (@gattaca on Twitter) as founder of the Liquidmatrix Security Digest. He is also senior security analyst at AMD and someone who works tirelessly to promote events that make security professionals smarter and better.

Diana had to go back into the hospital this weekend with a fever and the doctors initially suspected she had meningitis. But according to Dave on Twitter, things are looking up:

“Some good news. The problem isn’t as bad as was from first impressions. Microbe only a threat the picc line. Once removed, antibiotics FTW,” he said.

They’ve come a long way, thanks to their fighting spirit and help from family and many, many friends.

I’m asking those who read this to keep Dave, Diana and their young daughter in your prayers. They are not free and clear yet, so the prayers are still needed.

In the meantime, I want to wish this family the best of blessings this Christmas.

Life often hands us bitter pills that can get lodged in the throat. None of us can avoid it, but I think we’re tested for a reason, whatever that reason is. You either put up a fight and keep your wits, or you get eaten.

This family has been a case study in how to face adversity the right way.


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