Because It’s Not All About Me

A friend nominated this blog for a Liebster Blog Award. I had no idea what it was until I looked it up, and it seems I may not qualify. But many others do, and I’m going to tell you about five of ’em.

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First, a few words about this award: It’s meant for blogs with less than 200 followers that a fellow blogger feels deserves more attention. As part of getting nominated, you’re asked to pay it forward, nominating and linking to five other worthy blogs.

I constantly keep an eye on the page views here to see what topics people are most interested in but I usually overlook the follower count. When I got nominated, I figured I wasn’t at the 200 threshold. But with this, I decided to have a look.

Followers: 2,931

That seemed freakishly high to me, then I saw a breakdown: 55 blog followers. 90 comment followers. 2,786 Twitter followers. So, I may or may not qualify, depending on how you spin the numbers.

But I don’t care if I qualify or not. I’m paying it forward anyway, because it’s not all about me, and because I get a lot out of so many blogs that I’m dying for you to check them out.

Let’s start with the friend who nominated me. I’ve been friends with Linda White a long time. Her kids are in the same classes as mine. She always shares the amusing stuff her kids say, and finally, after years of her friends suggesting she do a blog, she started one: Crud my kids say:

Her kids — “The Girl” and “The Boy” — are a riot and are sharp as knives. I always smile when I read about them. You will, too. Now to start nagging Linda to write a second blog about the hilariousness (to those of us on the outside) that ensues when you work for a big retail chain.

The second blog is a new one by another mom with a razor-sharp wit and the talent to capture it in a blog. I don’t think she wants her name out there yet, so I’ll simply guide you to “Not Now Honey. Mommy Has To Blog” —

Read it and you’ll see the makings of a modern-day Dr. Seuss.

The third blog is from my old friend and Rockit Records colleague Christian Campagnia called “Caffeineandcookies” —

Christian has a wit that’s one-of-a-kind and there’s a rawness and honesty that keeps me coming back. A couple weeks ago I had the honor of spending the day with him during a visit to Hollywood. He got in the passenger seat while I drove around to a bunch of famous Hollywood murder sites. I think he feared my driving more than where we were going. Either way, it was a lot of fun.

The fourth blog is from Dr. Annabelle Rc, author of “A Life Lived Ridiculously” — the companion blog being “Crazy In A Crazy World” —

She’s an authority on OCD and has fed me many ideas for my own blog.

This fifth blog is Ocdbloggergirl (, written by Lisa Burleson. Like me, she writes in an attempt to sort out the daily challenges of life with OCD. Her observations are raw and unflinching, and reading about her challenges makes you realize how so alike we all are. When you realize you’re not alone, life’s big challenges become less insurmountable.

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