A Word About Christmas Gifts

Every year, when family members ask me what I want for Christmas, I’m always at a loss for words. I don’t really care about getting presents, though I love to give them.

Mood music:

But there are some non-material things I wish for:

–That this Christmas season I’ll be free of the blues that almost always plague me this time of year.

–That some old friends who have lost someone special this year find peace and solace in those around them.

–That a friend who is killing himself with food can see the light and change his ways.

–That I’ll have the wisdom to keep being the husband and father I want to be.

–That my current Prozac dosage will continue to be enough.

–That my father continues to make progress in his recovery from 2 strokes.

–That some relationships continue to mend, and that those involved be patient about the slow pace of recovery.

–That friends who are going through a divorce find love again.

–That my coffee cup will never run dry.

–That my program of recovery from addictive behavior continues unbroken and gets stronger.

–That everyone else gets what they want for Christmas, and that those wants are something deeper than anything sold at Target and Best Buy.


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