Racists AND Idiots

I’ve received some interesting feedback to Friday’s post about the gay soldier who was booed during the most recent Republican debate. Instead of repeating all the background, I refer you to the post “Gay Haters Or Just Idiots?”

I suggested that there was more stupidity than racism going on, but I’m thinking these comments from a couple friends are painfully true as well:

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Joe Yuska: “What made this so egregious was that after the boos no one rebuked the booers, in fact Mr. Santorum tossed red meat to them in his answer. Silence in this case is consent.”

From a friend I’ll keep anonymous, since this was a direct message: “Does it get any worse than booing a soldier asking a question at a political debate? And no one on stage condemned it? WTF”

I’ll wrap up this sad chapter in the political discourse by saying the following:

–Rick Santorum is just another empty suit who will say anything for an applause line. He also ignores the fact that sex happens all the time in the military. I don’t feel strongly one way or another about it. It’s simply a matter of being human: People meet and fall in love in work settings all the time. Anyone who expects something different from the military is ignoring that simple reality.

–That none of the other candidates said something about the booing being wrong shows the lack of guts and honesty in politics today. There are exceptions, of course. But the people on stage are more about throwing red meat to the lions than about speaking up for what’s right.

It’s just another reason why I’ve all but given up on politics.


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