They Say You Shouldn’t Go To Bed Angry

When Erin and I were still engaged, we did the two-day marriage course that the Catholic Church makes you take before you can get married (Pre-Cana). We got this priceless advice early on: “Never go to bed angry with each other.”

We’ve worked hard in 13 years of marriage to follow that advice. When we argue, as any married couple does, we always try to work out our differences and make up before going to bed.

It has worked pretty well, though most still-madly-in-love couples will still tell you the angry to bed, angry to rise part still happens.

We all get self righteous and even a little pissed at the inconvenience of being disagreed with. It’s part of being human.

Today my younger brother Brian married the love of his life, Sharane. During a brief but beautiful ceremony, the man who officiated over the vows gave that same advice we heard all those years ago:

“Never go to bed angry.”

It’s not always easy advice to follow. But trying to follow it has served me and Erin well.

May it serve the newlyweds well, too.


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