Before You Punch That Guy In The Teeth, Play These

Like any human being, I have days where my attitude sucks and I want to punch someone in the teeth. I never really would, but I can see how easy it is to cross the line.

Today is one of those days. It’s been a tough week, though it has been highlighted by some beautiful moments. When a week is rough, Thursdays are usually the day lava starts pouring from my eyes and ears.

That’s when I turn to some heavy, intense rock to squeeze out the anger. So take my advice: Before you smash the asshole next to you in the head with a cafeteria tray, play these songs. You’ll feel better afterward.

If you don’t, go take a nap.

Let’s start with Pull Trouble From The Fire. I’m a bit biased in favor of this band because I’ve known a couple of its members for many years. I care about them deeply, in fact. When I heard of their band, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But ever since their songs became available, I can’t stop playing ’em. What’s not to like about lyrics that involve planting a seed up an insect’s ass and watching a tree sprout from its back? This isn’t that song, but it’s a good anger-squeezing song and a nicely-done video from Bill Fennell:

This soundtrack would not be complete without something from Pantera, a band I always turn to when I’m good and pissed off — which seems to be a lot lately. I listen to Dimebag’s guitar shredding and mourn over the music we’ve been denied since his murder in 2004.

Henry Rollins speaks my language, and this is one of my favorite examples of that:

Let’s end with another local band, The 360s. I have friends in this band as well, especially singer-guitarist Audrey Clark. She has told me this blog is helpful to her. I’m glad, because her music is certainly helpful to me.


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