Happy Birthday, Stacey

Today is my step-sister’s birthday. Our childhood relationship resembled a war. But I’ve grown to respect the hell out of her. Hopefully, the feeling is mutual.

A few fun notes about Stacey:

–She has two awesome kids, Lilly and Chase. Lilly is a carbon copy of Stacey as a child in both looks and attitude. This amuses the hell out of me. Lilly is also a sweet, loving kid. Chase is a ladies man. One of my favorite lines from his is, “Think about it, willya baby?”

–She loved her Cabbage Patch doll as a kid. Probably a little too much. That’s why I eventually cut the thing’s head off. OK, I shouldn’t have done that. But readers of this blog know by now that I was an angry little bastard.

–I’ve given Stacey plenty of ammo in return with my OCD behavior. The best example is described in the post “Fear and Duct Tape.” Stacey loves that story, and tells it every chance she gets. Of course, there’s always more to a story that you have to wait years to hear. Stacey’s friend Taimee was there the morning of the events described in that post, and says that Stacey was puzzled that her driving lesson was canceled that day. Why, after all, would a driving school cancel classes during an expected hurricane?

–She has stuck by her mother through thick and thin, when idiots like me were too busy with other things.

–She is arguably the smartest among us kids when it comes to money and business-sense.

–She is a brand-new Marblehead resident.

–She is awesome and her step-brother loves her, despite all the childhood fighting.

Actually, I don’t regret the childhood fighting. We have some fun stories to tell today because of it.

Here’s to many, many more birthdays.

Happy Birthday!


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