Brain to Body: Drop Dead

I drove two hours yesterday to participate in a security event at Dartmouth and drove back this morning. A great experience, but I’ve gotten little done since then. I really hate inactivity.

I like to cram as much as I can into each day, and I like to throw everything I have into my job. But all I can do is sit in this chair, trying to motivate myself to move, pounding head be damned.

But I really can’t move. I think my brain has told the rest of me to drop dead.

Still, I’ve found that there’s a lot I can do in this paralyzed position:

–I can help the kids do their summer workbooks

–I can help Sean with his latest writing project

–I can chat with two old friends on Facebook

So it’s not a total waste. I’d even say that’s time well spent.

I just wish I could bust out a security blog post. But nothing is striking me today.

So I’m doing something I think will give me a second wind. I’m making a music playlist. Let’s see how this works:

OCD Diaries

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