Prayers For A Friend and His Wife

Dave Lewis, a good friend from the information security community, posted this yesterday: “My wife, Diana, was diagnosed with leukemia today.”

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Many of you know Dave (@gattaca on Twitter) as founder of the Liquidmatrix Security Digest. He is also senior security analyst at AMD and someone who works tirelessly to promote events that make security professionals smarter and better.

I’m asking those who read this to keep Dave, Diana and their young daughter in your prayers.

I’ve been through plenty of rough stuff in my life — we all have — but no matter how many body blows a person has absorbed, something like this is going to be overwhelming.

I wish Diana a quick recovery.

Dave’s a strong soul, and I know he’ll do all the right things to pull the family through.


4 thoughts on “Prayers For A Friend and His Wife

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  3. Dave,
    you are in all of our thoughts and prayers. Keep your head up, smile through the tears and know that in your strength she will find hers.

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