Nikki Sixx, Michael Jackson and Pedophiles

Motley Crue-Sixx A.M. bassist Nikki Sixx created a shitstorm yesterday when he opined about Michael Jackson being a pedophile. Since a childhood friend grew up to be one, I have a few thoughts on the matter.

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It all started with Sixx sending off a few tweets about how Michael Jackson was a child rapist. A lot of angry comments on his Facebook page followed, with some suggesting Sixx was drinking and drugging again. To that, he replied:


So, a couple of points:

–Those familiar with this blog know I’m a huge Motley Crue fan and that Nikki Sixx’s openness about his demons inspired me to out my own demons in this blog.

–Despite my love for the band, I don’t agree with everything they do.

Now that I got that out of the way…

This whole back and forth has been a fascinating case study in human nature. I find it amusing that people were tearing Michael Jackson down in the last decade of his life because of his alleged pedophilia, yet, when he died, everyone magically forgot that stuff and acted as if Jesus Himself had been crucified again.

We do that a lot when famous, tarnished figures die. We play up the good stuff they did and conveniently forget the bad stuff. Or, at least, we minimize the latter as some unfortunate little interlude between the acts of greatness. Richard Nixon comes to mind.

Michael Jackson was human. He did a lot of good from a musical and charitable level. But he had a sickness. How deeply that involved pedophilia I really don’t know. I only know the charges he faced.

Nikki Sixx is human. He used to be a drug addict with all the selfish, destructive, hurtful behavior that goes with it. He’s written about that period of his life at great length and with deep honesty.

I know I’m human. I’ve done a lot of good things and a lot of stupid things. You can read about both here.

We all have opinions some will inevitably find offensive. But we have things like Twitter and Facebook now. We can just fart out our thoughts and send ’em out for the world to see. That makes it a far different world from the one many of us grew up in. Our filter is off. Or, you could say, the safety is off our shotgun mouths.

Personally, I wasn’t offended by Sixx’s comments. I essentially agree with him.

But I also think something like pedophilia is more complicated than the more clear-cut outrages. It’s a sickness, an addictive behavior. I thank my lucky stars that my addictions were based on binge-eating, alcohol and the pills I used to take for chronic back pain.

Sixx’s behavior manifested itself in heroin and a variety of other substances.

Fate could have sent our addictions in a much more evil direction.

I’ve done a lot of soul searching about this because of the childhood friend who went on to be a thrice-convicted pedophile. His record is on the Internet for all to see. I guess I kept his name out at first because, believing as I do that NOBODY is beyond redemption, I wanted to give him a chance to get on with his life.

That was my mood when I wrote The Pedophile, Part 1.

Then I saw him friending scores of teenage girls from remote parts of the globe on Facebook and my heart and mood hardened. So I wrote this follow-up.

I revealed his name in part 3 because, after some thinking, I realized that once convicted, and once you become a high-level sex offender, your right to privacy is gone. You are a danger and people need to know you lurk the streets.

Bottom line for me: Addictive behavior takes control of a person and makes them do things they know to be wrong. But when you’re caught in the vice grip, you do it anyway. You are essentially possessed by the devil.

But even though we all get a shot at redemption, certain behaviors are simply too dangerous to be tolerated.

A pedophile preys on innocent children.

The only solution to that is to throw them in the slammer.

I think that the pedophile I once knew even understands that.

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14 thoughts on “Nikki Sixx, Michael Jackson and Pedophiles

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  2. wow you people in the MJ camp are as brainwashed as the zombies in “Thriller”. I respected the man for his music, but come on, he was not fit to raise children. Let’s see, hanging one over a balcony, making them wear feather masks in public when other mega-celebs are protective, but not paranoid about there children.
    Some of you might get pissed at this, but his kids are better off without his influence. Prince Michael is opening up and wanting to be a producer, the daughter is doing well in school and FINALLY socializing with people her age. Blanket? I have no Idea.
    MJ was a drug addict, so was I. I could not have hid that fact from kids, if I had any. They were being raised by a DRUG ADDICT. Forget the pedophile accusations for a minute and focus on that. They would often see their dad with an IV needle in his arm, passed out and barley breathing.Yeah that’s a great father.
    Nikki, not wanting his kids to see him as a junkie, never fought a custody battle and insisted his kids stay with his wife while he fought his demons and WON.
    I would love to know how many jokes YOU told about MJ when he was alive? The Pepsi hair thing, so many jokes. Turning into a white/Asian woman? Buying the Elephant Mans bones. He wrote a song about it, “Leave me Alone”, THAT shows you how far spread the criticism and ridicule about him was spread.
    So don’t sit on your throne and preach about how MJ was a Saint. He was never PROVEN a pedophile, but he sure acted like one. And how many of you would let their kids sleep in the same bed as him? Do some research and read what Mcaully Culkin recently said about his “sleepovers”. Pedo or not, he was still a freak.
    Nikki is a freak as well, but he is at least up front about it. He was written 2 NY Times BESTSELLERS, has 2 bands and the second is number 1 on the charts, he is an accomplished photographer, owns a clothing company AND hosts a hit radio show.
    If you NEVER EVER made a MJ joke, please keep on squawking. The rest just hang your heads in shame and realize EVERYONE is a target for jokes, dead or alive. Elvis dying on the toilet? Tons of jokes there, Roman Polanski? The now 40ish LADY has forgiven him. And why are these two used as examples?
    RACE. Tu-Pac, thug who deserved to die from the lifestyle he led. Biggie Smalls? Same. None of these people changed their ways and deserved what they got. Nikki has helped thousands if not millions, stay off drugs or quit altogether, myself included. That doesn’t matter though when he jokes, just like you used too, about a dead musician who died in front of his kids from a drug overdose.
    Bring me some up to date examples instead of Elvis and Roman, I might take you with seriousness instead. No maybe I wont, because the minute I post this, I will be insulted as I have many times on Nikki’s board by brainless Zombies

    • Let me just say that I respect your opinion 100% even if I don’t agree with it. Now that that’s said, let me say WHY I don’t agree with it. First of all, what do Biggie & Tupac have to do with accusations of molestation and the out of the blue, immature tweet that Nikki made on Twitter? They were both killed in drive-by shootings and if you had even an ounce of respect for human life, no matter what your opinion is of the person, you would not be saying that they ‘deserved’ to be shot.

      Second of all, Nikki may have helped millions of people to stay off drugs and I truly do think that its a beautiful thing, however, you can’t even begin to compare what he has done to all of Michael’s work. Would a pedophile give billions of dollars to orphanages and charities of various kinds all over the world? Would a pedophile make sure the sick children that came to Neverland (WITH THEIR PARENTS) had a full medical staff on the plane ride over there? No. Michael is an embassador for Peace all over the world, the leader of several tribes in different nations all around the globe. So before YOU get up on that throne and try to excuse the clear childishness displayed on Nikki’s part and give some brainwashed opinion of someone based on pure media garbage, you should REALLY do your research on MJ and see all the good that he has done for people. And ohhh wow Nikki actually wrote 2 books (surprised that after all the heroin he’s done, he can actually form words, let alone pick up a pen and write), has 2 bands and ones on the charts. Big deal. Thriller has sold over 110 million+ albums. Michael has 13 number one hits, 13 Grammys, and all his albums combined have generated about 750 million dollars but that’s growing everyday. So… what has Nikki done again?

      Oh and as far as questioning his parenting skills- Have SEEN those kids in interviews? Did you see how hard Paris was crying at the Memorial? Don’t even go there. Those kids are probably WAY more well behaved than Nikki’s kids are, judging on how their father has acted in recent days. Michael may have had his demons, but he had pride and dignity. That’s why he didn’t go flaunting it off to the public like Nikki does. The whole reason why Nikki did this was because he wasn’t getting attention any other way. He can’t get an interview to save his life and he sure as hell hasn’t had the accomplishments that Michael’s had. So whether you love or hate MJ, the truth remains that Michael Jackson was a selfless human-being who gave everything he possibly could to people. If you were homeless, he’d give you a home. If you had no money, he’d probably write you a check for a million- guarenteed. If you were freezing, he’d give you the shirt right off his back. I’m sure Nikki wouldn’t even give you a second glance unless there was a camera on somewhere.

      • Oh and one more thing- If Nikki was such a good human being like you say, don’t you think he would’ve kept those disgusting remarks to himself for the sake of those innocent kids? They didn’t do anything wrong and judging by the outpouring affection they’ve showed since his passing, they ADORE their father and MJ did raise them extremely well. I’d really like to see how Nikki’s kids act judging by who their father is and the behavior he displays. Fact here is, the guy was WRONG no matter which way you look at it. He acted like a douchebag and now he’s feeling the backlash for it. I saw many tweets from people who idolize Nikki and said they lost all respect for him over the fact that what he did was uncalled for. There’s no excuses for what he did. He’s a washed up, ex-heroin addict, so he he needs to get off the high horse that he hasn’t done anything wrong. When this guys starts doing REAL charity work, then he can talk. Until then, he can go shover another needle in his arm and shut his mouth.

    • Read a bit about Nikki yourself. He started “Children of the Night”, a charity that helps runaways and other children who are abused and have no place to go, and gives them a place to find the ART inside them and express it any way they feel. Nikki and the rest of the members of his 2 bands contribute or head many charities that help children all over the world. I WILL give you that MJ had done much more in that department, but as you said, he had the biggest selling album in the world. Hell I bought it at first for the fact Eddie Van Halen played guitar on it, but it was a good album. Quincy Jones did a great job molding MJ.

      Tell me this, what was his last hit single/album? When was it? Sixx A.M. are currently number one in album sales with “This is gonna hurt”, the current tour is the highest grossing tour of the past 3 summers, his current photography book was number 1 on NY Times bestseller list. It is a book about seeing the beauty in EVERYTHING, from the supermodel to the amputee “freak” on the side of the road you pass then look away. So much for “washed up”.

      “Out of the Blue remark”? People everyday STILL make MJ jokes. Go write Jay Leno or Conan O’Brian or any late-night talk show host or comedian. MJ will ALWAYS be associated with being a pedophile, no matter if he was or wasn’t, all the good hi did, will ALWAYS be overshadowed by this.

      Biggie and Tupac? They were involved in east coast west coast GANG violence. Gangs recruit people as children in the poorest of neighborhoods. If you are stupid enough to be involved in that lifestyle, yes you deserve the consequences. I admit I don’t know the numbers, but how many kids are killed in gang violence every year thinking that someday they will get “discovered” and be the next 50 cent? Sad but true, you play the game, you win or loose.

      I am a Vet, my dad was a Vet, he fought and died for OUR right to sit here and say whatever the hell we want. Freedom. Same goes for Nikki, it wasn’t hate speech, which IS illegal, it was his opinion, a sick joke on his part. But for you to dictate what a person can or cannot say is more insulting than ANYTHING Nikki Sixx could say.

      Oh and great advice for an addict to shove a needle in their arm again, great humanity on your part Mary.

      Screw Nikki and MJ, anyone who doesn’t goose step in Mary’s line, go back to your addictions because you have nothing to offer the world. Go back to your living hell and start shooting up again. I’ve been there Mary, it is not fun, it is not a quick fix, it is pure hell and takes a strong person to kick it. Some are stronger than others and LIVE to tell the tale.

      • Look I’m not arguing with you okay? The fact of the matter is this: His remarks have now impacted MJ’s 13 year old daughter. Nikki’s rabid fans have been making attacks and harassing his daughter online. Those kids do go on the computer and they are aware of the negativity surrounding their father already. Did you see the Memorial on TV? Did you see the way Paris sobbed over her father? She loved him so much as did her brothers, and they were really torn up over losing him. Obviously and if you look at home footage of holidays with MJ and his kids online- MJ WAS A GOOD DAD.

        Look at this with sensitivity for one moment. I’m not sure if you have children but would you want someone saying disgusting things about you, the way Nikki did with MJ, and having your children see it being said about you? I’m sorry but if I were a parent, I would never want my children to see something like that said about me and I know Nikki wouldn’t want his kids to see things like that said about him if he were dead.

        And I’m not making fun of addiction, because I have seen people I love who have been addicted to drugs. For some its ended well and for others not so much, but I can say this. If you had the free will to pick up a needle and use it, you have just as much free will to seek help out. I don’t have pity for someone who doesn’t seek treatment when they need it, just like I’m not babying MJ either. I know he was an addict and I also know he needed help. But the point is, Nikki shouldn’t have said something like that period end. It was inappropriate and as a result an innocent 13 year old girl is being harassed because of his “opinion” that you think is totally okay. I’m not saying you have to love MJ. I could care less quite frankly if you love or hate him, but you have to understand that what Nikki said was WRONG because of the impact it had on a man’s children. If Nikki had even one shred of humanity inside him like you and other Nikki fans claim he has, he would’ve thought about the 3 innocent children he would’ve been effecting, by trashing a man who isn’t here to defend himself.

      • Biggie and Tupac were not killed by gang violence. The current investigation points at LAPD. Very good, very thorough documentary on CURRENT tv. BTW, I have never heard a current or former drug addict not do or say something completely bizarre. I have dated and almost married two, and before she died, my oldest sister was on heroin and was an alcoholic for decades. I don’t put a lot of stock in what addicts say about anyone. It is usually not nice. And yes, I read “Heroin Diaries.”

    • Are you serious man? His kids are better without their father? How cruel must you be? Did you see those kids crying their eyes out at that memorial which clearly indicates how much they loved their father? I know that you are a fan of this Nikki dude but you went too far man, too far. You can believe whatever the hell you want about Jackson but from the moment that you made that comment,it proved to me that you are not worthy even responding to you. You are just as ignorant as you claim Michael Jackson fans are. Even worse, Jackson fan have take their time to read the evidence about his alleged pedophilia.You are just rumbling and taliking about things that don’t even make sence in order to make a point about something that you clearly don’t have a clue. So sad individual. Just like presuse crackhead Nikki.

    • Michael Jackson is the most unlikely pedophile you could actually ever find in the whole wide universe. Pedophiles just never behave the way MJ did. Pedophiles is all over Hollywoodindustry and they are very respectable people. They dont go around talking about loving all children, giving away all the money to charity or trying to save the world or any of those naive or sometimes strange things MJ did. They absolutly dont look freaky or behave eccentric at all. Pedophiles are very sophisticated and very careful about their public apperance and they usually belongs to networks of other respetable looking pedophile. Yes I read all the reports from the MJ trials 93/04 and I actually start to laugh. And I would guess that all the real pedophiles in Hollywood were really, really happy that Michael Jackson could be used as the bogeyman.
      I am not an MJ fan but I do research. I would say that the only person Michael Jackson really hurt badly was himself. Excuse my english I am not from your country and I am quite happy about that. I really dont like your culture at all. I find it stupid and offen utterly naive. The way MJ was treated actually reflects a lot about what I dislike about your culture.

  3. First of all I will say this: I am a fan of both Michael Jackson and Motley Crue however, I was really shocked that Nikki would say something like this completely out of the blue. Number one, great artists don’t have to trash their fellow artists for ANY reason whatsoever. It shows that he is immature, unprofessional and clearly intimidated by Michael’s large success even in death. Nikki is a 52 year old man, he should learn to control his mouth or rather, his actions- since he claims to be such a proud father of four children. It really goes to show what a great father HE is. Second of all, there is NO *I’ll repeat it* NO evidence that he was a pedophile. He had NO child pornography in his house and my proof of this? Child porn is a FEDERAL OFFENSE. Regardless of the molestation charges, he would be sitting in a jail cell as we speak if there had been any traces of child pornography. I don’t understand why people refuse to let something die, 6 years later. The man was proven Innocent seeing as the family that accused him was a bunch of con artists who just happened to be close with the first accusers, AND Jordy Chandler came out and openly admitted that he was forced to lie by his father who committed suicide 5 months after Michael passed. And since we’re on the subject of pedophila, why don’t we look at some other cases that were never blown up. Elvis Presley banged Priscilla when she was 14 years old and he’s called the King of Rock and Roll. Roman Polanski sodomized and raped a 13 year old girl and Hollywood adores him and went as far as to rally for his release to the US again. As for Nikki? I can almost bet he’s screwed underage girls at his concerts unbeknownst to him, or whether he wants to admit it or not. Nikki isn’t a saint either so before he goes running that mouth of his, he should REALLY take a step back and look at himself. Nikki needs to get a life and stop acting like he’s such a bad ass because in reality, his behavior on Twitter proves that he is a washed up old heroin addict who can’t get attention any other way except for trashing people and causing an uprise. I’m extremely shocked and disappointed by Nikki’s outburst because I truly thought he was better than that. I still love Motley Crue, but people who act like that need a dose of reality every now and again.

  4. How many underrated Nikki Sixx humped during his life time? So who is the real paedophile here? Or because they were girls, it doesn’t matter. Like it doesn’t matter in Elvis Presley’s case or in Roman Polanski’s case.As long they are girls barely having breasts or pubic hair, it doesn’t matter. The epitome of hypocrisy; I myself am a fan of Nikki Sixx music but man what a really fucked up human being he is. A disgusting one to say the least.

    Am a fan of Michael Jackson’s also. I have read everything regarding the supposed paedophilia and the allegations. Everything there is out there to read. And there is not one iota of evidence to prove that Jackson did something inappropriate to kids. On the contrary, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that proves that Jackson was the victim of greedy parents, of his own eccentric life style and unfortunately his weird appearance. There wasn’t DNA, sperm, marks , child pornography, nothing. What there is though was his love for kids -yes men can love kids too, it’s not a crime nor a perversion- and him openly admitting that he had permitted to kids, both girls and boys. sleep in his room. If you want to believe that he was a paedophile based only by that, then it is your right. But paedophiles usually try to hide their interest over kids and I haven’t see anyone admitting on national tv that they have sleep with kids. That is like a rapist walking with a T- shirt that says that he likes to rape people.

    People usually label Jackson fans as delusional and wacko and shit like this. I am one of those wackos who tried to have an open mind regarding the allegations when i first started listening and researching about Jackson. What i found left me totally flabbergasted. The evidence are out there. You have a choice to believe whatever you want but i think that there something called objectivity and facts and it’s not fair for a person to be labelled as something that is considered the biggest crime or sin or whatever that exist in human society, just because he was weird or eccentric or because he had tons of plastic surgeries. Oh and by the way, as a victim of molestation myself by a relative, i can say to you that no one of those two kids whose parents accused Jackson demostrated the simptoms of a real abused person. I couldn’t handle even the perfume of the person who was tauching me. I wanted to vomit even by listening to his voice. Those two kids when asked by the police what they felt about Jackson, they would say that they didn’t fear him, even though he was molesting them and that they liked returing to Neverland, Jackson’s home, because they had fan there .So basically they enjoyed being molested.

    Am going to keep listening to Nikki Sixx shit, although his ignorance and hate that he demonstrated this past few days totally made me lose all my respect for him as a person. I don’t think he would care much, I mean cocain is known for destroying human’s brain cells. By the way, If he had this feelings toward Jackson, he should have said something before the man died. Now that Jackson is not here to defend himself, i can only call Sixx action a cheap attention whoring and a cowardice.

  5. It’s clear you have decided Michael Jackson had a “sickness”. I have to ask based on what? What is this sickness? What do you know about him? What have you learned about him? Suggestion – visit reflections on the dance. Become better informed rather then spread rumors about someone based on a “feeling” or a hunch or filtered through your own beliefs. Did he just creep you out? Was he different? No evidence (true evidence) has ever surfaced and yet you and many others continue to lie about this man. He was human – he wasn’t perfect – he is not different then you or I. I wouldn’t assume, if I found you offensive, to spread rumors about you. Let’s just get over ourselves and stop judging, labeling, making everyone separate from ourselves. Artists, musicians -should be way past this. Disappointing – we – as humans are actually better then this.

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