Up Your Bucket

I’ve been enjoying a local band called Up Your Bucket of late. For someone who uses hard rock and metal as a coping tool, this stuff hits me where I live. The raw, loud, dirty nature of it goes to show — once again — that Boston’s music scene is among the best.

I won’t attempt to describe them. I’ll just show you a couple videos from a show they did July 4.

I’m a fan of the guitarist on the right, Eric Russell, who is in another local band I like called The 360s. Erin and I are going to see the latter band Friday night.

I first saw Up Your Bucket in January, during the Joe “Zippo” Kelley benefit show. Truth be told, I didn’t think much of them that night. I liked the sound, but I was impatiently waiting for Pop Gun and The Neighborhoods.

I can’t even remember when I started to listen. I think I was curious because I’ve since gotten familiar with the individual band members on Facebook. I’m also always looking for fresh, local rock to put in this blog.

I can no longer deny it: They are growing on me like a cancer. And I’m perfectly happy about it.

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