Sarah Jones Memorial Service Cancelled

Just got a text from Deb Jones informing me that the Thursday afternoon memorial service for her daughter, Sarah, has been canceled “because of the ongoing investigation” into her death. There’s no word as yet as to when the service will happen.

This has to be a huge blow to the Jones family, and my heart goes out to them. Please keep them in your prayers.

For those wondering just what this is all about: Sarah was found dead nearly two weeks ago. Nothing is really known about what happened, other than that investigators are treating it as a homicide.

I first wrote about it because I’ve known the Jones family for many years and had been feeling like a jerk for dropping out of touch with them.

Twenty years ago, I would hang out with this family for days on end.

Jeff Jones (he goes by Geoff Wolfe today) was my fellow Doors freak, and I remember many pleasant afternoon’s and evenings in their back yard. I was there for July 4 1991, which I remember because someone slammed into my car and took off that night. The car, a 1981 Mercury Marquis, never ran right again. I got pretty smashed that night.

The next year, we celebrated the 4th by blowing up a mannequin with M-80s.

I remember their children, Josh and Sarah, running around the house and yard.

The last time I saw Geoff, Deb and Josh was at the funeral service for a mutual friend from back in the day, Bob Biondo.

Deb, Geoff and I reconnected on Facebook a couple months ago.

The family has been putting on a brave face since Sarah’s death. They seem to have a strong faith in God, which will certainly get them through these terrible days.

Here’s hoping they can lay their daughter to rest very soon.


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