For Cousin Martha

Cousin Martha — Erin’s cousin on the Robinson side, specifically — is way up on my list of favorite relatives. I love her humor, her wit and her ability to absorb all the needling I direct her way.

The kids love her spiky hair, and to prove it they spiked up their hair after a bath one night and ran around yelling, “Look! I’m Cousin Martha!”

I got a kick out of that before noticing the kids were doing this without clothes on.

Martha has been going through a rough patch of late. She recently had some major surgery and has felt less than stellar for some time.

So I wanted to dash off this post to let her know we’re all pulling for her.

She’s been through some serious shit in her day. She’s dealt with addiction and family tragedy as I have. And instead of being crushed by the weight of it all, she developed a spine of steel. Whenever she stares adversity in the face, she comes back stronger than before.

So it will be this time.

Good thing, too, because I miss her cooking.

We love you, Martha.

Keep fighting.


3 thoughts on “For Cousin Martha

  1. Hey Bill thanks for the nod 🙂 I’m on the road to recovery in more ways than one.each day gets better and knowing you are praying for me helps a great deal! Thanks for your support Love Martha

  2. Bill, thank you. Our love to all of you, she will be proud that she made it OCD Diaries. I can’t wait until she can read it. Love ya, Sharon

  3. Sorry to hear of Aunt Martha’s illness..We all have that one favorite relative and its usually the funny “off the wall” one and for some strange reason the “crazy best” relative usually is someone who has struggled hard with addictions of some sort.
    In our family its my brother Jay. He is amazingly funny and he has gone through hell with addiction and a terrible truck/motorcycle accident causing the loss of his spleen. It was Jay that I had turned to when I just couldn’t live drugged up anymore. He got me into a detox and got me into AA and was speaker when I got my first year.
    On a sadder note, Mark’s favorite uncle is my brother Paul. Even though Paul is NOT sober, has canceled on Mark many times, let him down many times, Paul is a hero in his eyes. I only wish he could be aware of it. I pray for him but cannot help who doesn’t want help,right?
    I will send good thoughts for Aunt Martha and I am glad you guys have someone so special in your lives. The kids have NO idea how so very lucky they are to have the parents and aunt that they do!!!
    You guys are amazing to me..thank you both for the example you give to other families that deal with addictions and difficulties. You and Erin are proof that a family can deal with ANYTHING that comes its way!

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