Face the Music

No, not THAT music. I’ve done plenty of that in recent days. I’ve done the best I can to right some wrongs, and now the healing process continues with some of my favorite medicine.

Allow me to share some with you:

The Stooges is a good place to start. I looove these guys. Such a collection of misfits. Such raw power:

Winter’s been getting to me and I’ve been thinking of warm places lately. The Dead Kennedy’s always take me someplace warm:

Having been ill for a few days, I’ve been feeling much like I have during the dark days of breaking away from my worst addictions. The cold sweats. A stomach mangled like a sock caught in a meat grinder. The shakes. Cheap Trick’s cover of John Lennon’s “Cold Turkey” describes the feeling pretty well:

I’ve been big into Smashing Pumpkins the last few months and just recently tripped across a rare acoustic version of  “Mayonaise” — I love the opening lines: “Fool enough to almost be it/Cool enough to not quite see it…”

Finally, there’s my rekindled interest in the Doors, which I wrote about a little over a week ago. It’s hard not to use the “Apocalypse Now” version of the following song. But instead of the one I used last week I give you this end-of-film reprise version, which is equally creepy:

Music isn’t always pretty. But it heals.


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