Something Broke

Day four of being sick. I’ve been bouncing from couch to chair to bed, looking for a place to be comfortable. I’ve been sleeping a lot. It’s a helpless kind of feeling.

Mood music:

The other day I wrote about covering the RSA security conference in 2005 with a fever and coming home broken. This was something of a repeat performance.

Some people relish the opportunity to lie around and do nothing.

I hate it.

Lying around means I’m useless. The world is humming along without me, and that pisses me off, too.

So what do I do about it? 

There’s nothing I can do but lie around some more and let myself heal.

Maybe while I’m down for the count I’ll be able to figure out when things started going wrong.

I’m anxious to set things right.

6 thoughts on “Something Broke

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  6. I know how you feel. I *hate* being unproductive, but I laid around ALL day yesterday and did absolutely nothing aside from watching more mega-mutant-reptile movies on SyFy with Dave. And, without the excuse of being sick.

    Sometimes you have to let your body catch up with your drive! You can choose to accept and enjoy it, or not. That’s really the only difference in whether it’s a positive or a negative thing 🙂

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