Stuff My Kids (and Niece) Say, Part 4

Parenthood is painful at times, especially when one or both parents has had a mental illness that makes the smallest things seem like calamities.

Addictive behavior isn’t good for parenting because it makes you selfish. A selfish parent is a disaster.

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I’m constantly worried about the kids inheriting my genetic disposition toward mental disorder. But Duncan helps me out, as does Sean, and, increasingly, their cousin Madison. In between the various meltdowns, the three children let loose with a lot of witty words that lifts my spirits.

You can read part 1 of the series herepart 2 here and part 3 here.

I think you’ll walk away feeling that life isn’t so tough when you’ve seen it from a child’s perspective.

And now for Part 4…

“The sequel to “Throw Mama From The Train” is being made at Brenner Manor. It’s called “Throw Daddy Under the Bus.” Me, after the kids gleefully told their mom that I showed them the South Park J-Lo Taco songs.

“Tormenting your kids, pt. 54: Release a loud cackle as your children get out of your car and into the school they hoped would close today.” Me, an hour before finding out that the kids were being sent home after only 90 minutes of school.

“You are the picture of evil.” Sean, after I made them do homework on their snow day.

Duncan: “Daaaaad… Sean kicked me.” Sean: “What? We’re playing ninja. Ninjas kick a lot.”

Duncan: “Daaaad, Sean spat on me.” Sean: “I was doing sound effects. They produce spit. You should have had the sense to get out of the way.”

Duncan took a swing at Sean after Sean told him: “You’d be the perfect child if God gave you everything but a mouth.”

Duncan just told me that I’m a “pain in his bum-bum.” He’s not amused that I’m amused by that statement.

“Hanging out with you is challenging.” Duncan, after I wrestled him to the floor in a good-natured game of rough housing.

Early one Saturday morning: Is it bad that I’m letting Sean use scissors in the dark? He says he “can see perfectly fine.” In fact, he says, “I cut better in the dark.”

Sean, pretending to be a clone trooper from Star Wars: “I hate this job. I don’t get MLK Day off. Crap, I didn’t even get Christmas off!”

Duncan, twirling his toy lightsaber: “You can call me Jedi Bob.” Sean: “I’d rather call you an idiot.”

Me: “Come on, kids, come help me fold laundry.” Sean: “Dad, can’t you see I’m in the middle of a thought outburst?”

Erin: I’m always surprised at my children’s ability to read a long-winded, gross joke once and repeat it verbatim.” Me: “I’m less surprised. They’re wearing my genes.”

My 2 yr old niece eats her “cakies” when Duncan walks in, says they’re “pancakes” and walks away. The niece asks: “What’s wrong with him?”

The niece: “I ate all my blueberries. I ate all my blueberries. I ate all my blueberries. I ate all my blueberries. I ate all my…”

“Wow, the pilots really eat their words in this movie.” Sean, after the x-wing pilot gets blown up after bragging about locking on target.

Me to Sean: “I have a thought.” Sean: “There’s a 50-50 chance I’m gonna protest it.”

Sean: “Duncan, how many kids do you plan to have?” Duncan: “20: 10 girls, 10 boys.” Sean: “I can’t watch all those kids. Scale it back.”

Duncan, regarding his brother: “Sean is a moron, loved by all for his moron-ness.”

Me: “Stop throwing snowballs at the neighbor’s dog, Sean.” Sean: “What the heck for?”

The mournful groan that just came from Sean almost makes the niece’s request for “Calliou” worth it. Almost.

Sean regarding my last comment: “Caillou must die-you.” 

Duncan on Santa: “If you don’t believe you don’t receive.”

Sean’s 9-year-old reaction to news that Uncle Brian is getting married: “Oh yeah? Whatever.”

Duncanism of the day: If the inside of my head was empty, I’d be light-headed.

Sean’s reaction to the Duncanism of the day: “Duncan, you infuriate me.”


8 thoughts on “Stuff My Kids (and Niece) Say, Part 4

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  7. Awesome photo! I always enjoy your posts, Bill, but I think the Sean and Duncanisms (and lately, Madisonisms) are my favorite. Sean’s getting especially witty the older he gets. Great to see you never suffer from a shortage of source material!

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