Leaders vs. Followers: Words of Wisdom

Did a two-day professional training program at Babson College last week, presented by HR staff at IDG Professional. One of the first things we did was look at quotes taped to the walls around the room, and stood next to those we felt applied most to us.

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The quotes are mainly about leadership, but they’re also good food for thought for anyone struggling to overcome their demons.

They also make a nice sequel to the first post I wrote on wisdom quotes.

Let’s start with the one I stood next to (along with several other folks). This one really hit me where I live. Where I try to live, anyway:

Now for a Winston Churchill quote that describes how I used to be, and how I try to be now:

Here are two I try to live by, though it can be difficult:

Here’s some more:


4 thoughts on “Leaders vs. Followers: Words of Wisdom

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  2. Bill,

    nicely done.

    Leadership is a bitch. Nice to know better people than I have thought about these issues before, and come up with some great ways to deal, cope, and learn from it.


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