Need More Proof It’s an Addiction?

My new hero is a fellow Bostonian, Michael Prager. I mentioned him briefly yesterday as proof of what I’ve been writing here for the last year — that addictive behavior can latch onto food in destructive ways.

Long before I realized I could only beat my addiction if I started treating it as such, and long before I started this blog, Prager was well on the road to recovery I now find myself on.

There’s a great article on him in The Washington Post you all must read. So hit the link and go learn from this man.

Conquering food addiction

Sitting across a Starbucks table from Michael Prager a few weeks ago, I’d never have guessed that he once weighed 365 pounds. Or that he’s an addict.


2 thoughts on “Need More Proof It’s an Addiction?

  1. Great article! Any addiction can be very serious and affect many people. I found a book which I found most helpful written by Lisa Espich called Soaring Above Co-Addiction. It is a memoir-style self-help book sharing the authors honest and poignant story of family addiction and recovery and deals with all types of addictions.

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