Loud Love

Last night I freaked out my 2-year-old niece with one of my loud laughs. I felt awful for scaring her, but Erin’s explanation of my voice volume immediately made me feel better.

Mood music:

“Uncle Bill has a big laugh because he has a big love,” she told Madison.

Since I used to walk around with a big hate, the description makes me feel like I’ve made some progress.

Of course, I’ve always had a loud laugh. It’s also true that many of the stereotypical bad guys in the movies have a loud laugh. The emperor from the Star Wars movies comes to mind.

An editor named Bill Ketter used to have an ear-shattering laugh, and not many people in The Eagle-Tribune newsroom liked him very much at the time (my attitude toward him has softened with time). 

I guess to Madison’s little ears mine is a sinister laugh.

But she’ll get over it.

And in the end Erin’s right: My loud laugh was the result of something my niece did.

And I do love the kid.


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