The Eagle-Tribune Revisited

Danny Goodwin and I decided on a whim to crash the newsroom of The Eagle-Tribune this afternoon. It’s where we forged our friendship. It’s where I was when my sanity really started to come apart and it’s where some damn good people still work.

Mood music:

The place hasn’t changed a bit. The computer screens may be flatter and a corner of the room is now taken up with multimedia gear, but the pictures on the wall are the same, as is the stained carpet and the old cubicles. The lunch room has the same peculiar smell it had when I worked there.

But the same dear friends remain, including Bill Cantwell, Gretchen Putnam and Taylor Armerding. Gretchen wasn’t there when we came through, unfortunately, but it was good to see old faces.

It was also nice to walk through there with a different mindset than the one I had last time I walked those halls in early 2004.

I did a lot of stupid things when I worked there — to myself and to other people.

I’d like to think I did some good when I was there, too.

That’s for others to determine, and it’s doesn’t exactly matter anymore.


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