Machine Man: The Movie

The disorder I was diagnosed with five years ago is going to be the focus of a movie. I guess that means it’s cool to have OCD now.

A reader pointed me toward the website for “Machine Man: The Movie” yesterday, and I’ve been digging around the site, totally captivated. There’s a “why we’re doing this” clip on the site that sounds a lot like the reasons I started this blogMachine Man - The Movie

The website is chock full of useful information on the illness and I think the project is going to help a lot of people understand what this is all about.

That makes me happy.

Film maker Kellie Madison deserves a lot of praise for taking on this complicated beast.

She could also use everyone’s help to fund this project.

From the Facebook page:

“We are raising all of the money for this movie through donations and fundraising! Our hope is to demystify some of the stigma attached to OCD and encourage people to seek proper treatment and get their lives back! Be a part of making this project happen!”

At the very least, you should “like” the Facebook page for the film and share it with friends and family. They will learn a lot.

In fact, I’m dedicating this week’s Facebook Follow Friday post to that page.

Please check it out.


6 thoughts on “Machine Man: The Movie

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    • I’d be happy to. Of course, I have to figure out how to copy a WordPress page into .pdf format. I know how to do it with most other files, so I’ll figure it out. Let me know when you’d like it by.

  2. I am the filmmaker working on Machine Man and I wanted to thank you so much for taking the initiative to write this post. It really means a lot to me to be appreciated for the work that I am trying to do. I want to make a film that will impact everyone struggling with OCD and I can’t do it without everyone who cares about this disorder’s help. So, please continue to spread the word and encourage people to go on the site to donate so we can get this movie made!! Thanks again so much!

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