Facebook Follow Friday: Thank Ya Edition

Welcome to week five of this new tradition of mine: Giving the nod to some of my Facebook friends for giving my spirits a lift and teaching me new things.

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A reminder on what this is about: There’s a thing we do on Twitter called Follow Friday, where we list people we follow and suggest others do the same. I figured Facebook should have something similar, so here it is.

There’s a lot of crap on Facebook. Some people might consider me part of the problem and unfriend me over it. That’s OK. My brand of insanity isn’t for everyone. But there are a lot of giving folks on there as well; friends that lift the spirits and teach me something daily.

Shira Brenner: The kid sister. I’ve told you about her before, but I got to see her yesterday and she made me an excellent cup of coffee.  She lives life to the full and inspires the hell out of me.

Sara Corthell Croft: The middle of my three sisters-in-law. She’s gone through a tough year, but she’s done it with class and good humor. She also watches her nephews almost every time I ask, and her daughter — my niece — is just so stinkin’ adorable. She deserves some extra gratitude from me, so here it is.

Ann Ball: She’s been my friend for almost 20 years. Well, we lost touch for several years in between but so what? Her Facebook posts are always upbeat and full of love for her family. With so much shit on Facebook, it’s refreshing to see.

Les Masterson: A former colleague from my Community Newspaper Company days. The man has always had a wit I connect with, including his most recent observation that “Alice’s Restaurant” is the work of the devil. He’s also an editor for Patch, a community news organization you will surely be hearing a lot more about. 

Bob Connors: Fellow Haverhillite and cigar buddy, he’s the man to check out for emergency preparedness and full-throttle patriotism. He’s also good natured about the trouble I sometimes get him into by quoting him.

More to come next week…


5 thoughts on “Facebook Follow Friday: Thank Ya Edition

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