Fear and Loathing in the TSA Line

It’s rare that I connect the things I write on CSOonline.com with this blog. The two are separate entities dealing with different subjects. But once in a great while, the two intersect. The uproar over the TSA’s more “invasive” security tactics is a good example.

Last time the two intersected was over the summer when I got hassled by the U.S. Secret Service (the cops on bikes, specifically).

I look at this TSA controversy and I’m immediately reminded of my past battles with fear and anxiety and how something like airport security would freak me out.

So please indulge me and click on the column below. And if you agree or disagree, please do weigh in.


TSA and the freedom thing: We’re the problem

The nation is in an uproar over full body scanning and pat downs in the airport TSA security lines. Is it a necessary security measure or a violation of our freedom and privacy? Bill Brenner weighs in.


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