How Marriage Saved Me

A couple days ago I compiled some of my posts on how being a Dad helped me move beyond addiction and depression. My marriage to Erin changed me for the better in similar fashion. These posts are about her.

The Freak and the Redhead: A Love Story

I wasn’t looking for a soul mate when I met her. It was the summer of 1993 and I was doing just fine on my own. I was in a band and we were busy pretending we were really something. This was long before I woke up one day, realized I really don’t know how to sing, and decided to spare the masses the agony of me trying to play vocalist.

Back in the Real World, Emotionally Drained

Transcript of a talk I gave at the Oct. 2010 Men’s Cursillo Weekend at St. Basil’s: My name is Bill Brenner, and this talk starts like many stories do: With a girl.

Me and My Wall

When I get tired and angry, I have this wall I put up. Erin is usually the one who crashes into it.

Learning to Fight Well

In every marriage there are arguments. They can be good for you, but only if you learn to do it with skill. I’m working on it, but I’m not there yet.

Love Hurts, Love Stings, Love Endures

I remembered something the priest said during his Homily at ourwedding: “You marry the person you think you know, and spend the rest of your lives really getting to know each other.” Another priest at another wedding eight years later told the bride and groom: “Your job is to get each other into Heaven.”

The Better Angels of My Nature

It’s not hard for me to write about OCDbinge eating and pills. These are a part of life for people across political and religious divides. Depression and anxiety will hit you whether you’re Catholic, Baptist or agnostic; Democrat, Republican or Libertarian. Religion and politics. Those are tough. But I’m gonna get into it here anyway.

18 thoughts on “How Marriage Saved Me

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