Facebook Follow Friday, 11-5-10

I know it’s only Thursday, but since I put a lot of time into the Twitter Follow Friday thing, I wanted to take care of this first and keep my new tradition on track. Here are some folks I follow on Facebook and why…

Mood music:

Greg Walsh and Harry Zarkades: Harry I only recently connected with, but I’ve seen him play his bass and sing many times over the years. Greg has been a friend for many years, starting with our time working together at The Swampscott Reporter. I’ve been a fan of Pop Gun (Greg’s the drummer; Harry does bass and vocals) for a long time, and loved seeing them play again at the recent Joe “Zippo” Kelley benefit.

Steve Lambert: My former boss at The Eagle-Tribune, Steve writes a weekly column that I rarely miss. The gift of finding him on here is that I can enjoy his writing again — and maybe share a memory or two.

O’Ryan Johnson: Another old friend from The Eagle-Tribune, OJ was my night reporter for awhile. He used to get in trouble with the local cops for walking too close to accident and murder scenes, and he got in deep trouble one night for mouthing off to a PR lady at Phillips Academy. He’s at the Boston Herald now, and I enjoy his updates from the front lines of scrappy journalism.

Donna Swift: She graduated with the Class of 1989 at Northeast Metro Tech, and we’ve always had the same musical tastes. Many of the song selections I put in this blog are songs she posted first on Facebook. 

Kevin Littlefield: One of my closest friends. I’ve written about him in this blog a few times now.

SHATTERED HOPES: THE TRUE STORY OF THE AMITYVILLE MURDERS: This is the page for the new film being made about one of my obsessions, The Amityville murders. The film makers are very accessible on this page and I’ve had the pleasure of talking to them a few times via their wall.

More Follow Fridays next week…

5 thoughts on “Facebook Follow Friday, 11-5-10

  1. OCD is such a complicated disorder. I think the most important thing is to make sure these sufferers have support and a voice in this community since so many people do not understand the disorder. I recently heard about a film, the first to really dive into OCD, called Machine Man the movie. It looks really great and I think getting the word out about this film will only benefit the OCD community in the end.

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