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There’s a thing we do on Twitter called Follow Friday, where we list people we follow and suggest others do the same. I’m starting a new tradition: Facebook Follow Friday. Here’s why:

Mood music:

Facebook has become a place where people spill out their state of mind like blood. Sometimes, it’s beautiful to see and I get something from it. Other times I just roll my eyes.

I use it as a place to share this blog and the security articles I write for CSOonline.com. I also like to share the crazy talk that comes from my kids’ mouthes, and whatever music I have blaring at any given moment. Some appreciate it and follow me for those things. Others don’t like it and have unfriended me. I’m fine with that. If you don’t like what I’m pushing, why would you follow me? OK — maybe it bothers me a little. But I’m no different than anyone else in this regard.

Anyway, there are a lot of people on there that inspire the hell out of me, so I’m going to start acknowledging that. Think of it as one of my 12-Step things: I spend a lot of time repairing relationships that turned to ash during my darker years, and a lot of time  focusing on people I’m grateful to have in my life. This is just another extension chord. Next week I’ll start putting these on my wall. For today, though, I’ll list people in the blog.

This week’s Follow Friday on Facebook:

Erin Brenner: She’s my muse, my love and I’d be nowhere without her.

Ken White: A newcomer on Facebook but a dear friend.

Linda White: The other half of Team White, her posts are loaded with razor-sharp humor and observations about people around her.

Amanda Corthell: I don’t think I could live without her traffic reports from the mess that is I-93. It always makes me grateful that she’s sitting in it instead of me.

Mike Greco: The man knows his guitars inside and out, and he knows how to rock.

Christian Campagna: His posts will take you to a bizarre world you didn’t know existed. It’s a place where you will laugh hard and appreciate some excellent music.

Lauren Karpenko: Her posts are always uplifting and inspiring. You can tell she’s in love with life, and it rubs off on those who are connected to her.

Lori MacVittie: So smart it’s scary. Humor with lots of snark built in, which suits me. And her updates on The Toddler are priceless.

Randi Defilippo Dockery: I enjoy her sometimes racy humor, because it beats the hell out of reading a bunch of whiney posts. 

Faith Morrill: A Corthell cousin who is going to take the world by storm with her writing. She just doesn’t realize it yet.

Maureen Wilder Cefalu: She might be surprised to find her name on here, since we only recently connected on Facebook and in high school we really didn’t talk much. She was with one group of kids and I was with another. But here’s the thing: In junior high she was one of the few kids who treated me with kindness. We bonded over Def Leppard at the time. It helped make those two years a little more bearable. Thanks for that.

Don’t fret if you didn’t make the list. I got a lot of friends, and I’ll mention you all eventually.


5 thoughts on “Facebook Follow Friday

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  4. Wow… Thanks, Bill. I’m really flattered that I’m one of a handful of people you’d choose to mention. As for your assessment of my writing, coming from someone who’s as adept at putting his thoughts and feelings into words as you are, I’m going to take that as a real compliment. And because you and Erin were two of my biggest cheerleaders throughout my novel-writing frenzy, you’re absolutely getting mentions in the acknowledgments when it finally goes to print.

  5. Thanks for adding me, glad I make you lol from my posts, that’s all I try to do is make ppl laugh on fb… I’m not there to whine or tell the world about my problems, just trying to make ppl have a good laugh… sometimes they are raunchy as hell, but it’s all in good fun!!!
    Have a fantastic day..

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