Dysfunctional Love Songs

I’ve had love on my mind this week. Some of that comes from the Cursillo weekend I just experienced. Some of it might be that I’ve been letting myself love other people in ways I never thought I could. 

That doesn’t make people any easier to love. Truth is, some of the people I love the most make me want to push my head through a glass door. In keeping with the advice of a good friend, I choose to put the fun in dysfunction. These songs are the soundtrack.

For the family member who brings you down, even when they don’t mean to:

For the friend who helps you pick up the pieces while driving you insane at the same time:

For the family member who insists on covering the living room furniture in plastic:

For the people in your life who bring you closer to God:

For the significant other who sticks around even though you push ’em to the brink:

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