OCD Awareness Week

UPDATE: If you’ve struggled with OCD, you should listen to Radio Boston at 3 p.m. People will be calling in to share their personal experiences. You can call 1-800-423-TALK or tweet @radioboston #OCDawareness!

Given all the sharing I’ve done on my struggles with OCD, it would be downright criminal of me not to spread the word that it’s OCD Awareness Week.

International OCD Foundation (IODCF)

The International OCD Foundation has done a lot of stellar work to break down the dumb stigmas around this condition and it has all kinds of things planned for this week. For those who suffer, check out the following information. I think you WILL get something out of it:

OCD Awareness Week | October 11-17, 2010


The International OCD Foundation and its affiliates from across the country will come together to educate their communities and the public as a whole about obsessive compulsive disorder and its treatments. Learn from the nation’s leading experts about how they work with those who suffer daily from the debilitating disorder. Have the opportunity to hear testimonials from patients both recovering and just beginning treatment and learn about the different treatments and therapies that help people hold jobs, balance relationships with family and friends, and lead more typical and productive lives.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an all-consuming, debilitating disorder that affects up to 4 million people in the United States. The disorder also affects millions more: family, friends and caregivers of those with OCD suffer along side their loved ones.

OCD Awareness Week is presented by the International OCD Foundation as a vehicle for support, advocacy and education to help end the stigma surrounding OCD and encourage sufferers to identify the disorder and / or seek treatment. The national Foundation has enlisted the support of its Affiliates nationwide to join in this education effort.

How to help:


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