The Saturday Morning Ritual, Part 2

Saturday morning ritual, as Sean calls it, is when the kids hang out with Dad stupid early while Mom sleeps.

Mood music:

We used to watch Sesame Street. Now me, Sean and Duncan are staring at our individual computer screens. The sounds of video games waft through the living room.

I used to spend this time dreading all the things I had to do that didn’t include lying on the couch and shutting off my soul. Now I’m not thinking about much of anything. That’s progress.

I got a lot to do this weekend. My Cub Scout kids have to get in uniform and go door to door selling popcorn. I have to rewrite my Cursillo talk and e-mail the final version to the retreat planners.

And I’m fine with all of it.

It’s a Blessing to be able to do the routine things in life without fear and anxiety burning you to a cinder.

And as a bonus, the sun is coming up after hiding behind thick clouds these last few days.

Hell, yes.

Seize the day.


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