The Power of Nothing

I haven’t written anything new since Friday and don’t plan to today (well, except for this). Last time I took a break I got a bunch of e-mails from people asking if I was OK.

I appreciate that, but no need to worry.

Mood music:

The last two days I re-posted a bunch of older entries. That was for newer readers who asked me to flag older posts that were important to the larger story.

Not everyone liked that and two people un-friended me on Facebook. So be it. As Elwood Blues used to tell people, it’s a “Mission from God.”

The other thing is that I’m forcing myself NOT to write once in awhile. It’s part of learning how to take breaks, something I’ve never been good at.

I’m practicing the power of nothing. It’s hard, but my wife and kids will surely keep me busy in the meantime.

While I do that, have a great day. I’ll be back tomorrow.


One thought on “The Power of Nothing

  1. You’re inspiring even when you’re doing nothing, Bill – hope you enjoyed the time off with Erin and the boys. I keep meaning to tell you – I LOVE the cartoon image of you with the “demons” (so to speak) over your shoulder. Who drew that for you?

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