Things that DON’T Suck

Since life has it’s ups, downs and constant drama, I always try to look at the everyday things to be grateful for. Sure, I struggle with OCD and addiction. Some of my relationships are strained. Life is hard. But when I step back and think it over, there’s a lot of awesomesauce oozing around me.

Mood music:

–Started the morning with coffee and an OA meeting. I led this one and told my story. I enjoyed myself in the process. That doesn’t suck.

–Duncan gave me a big hug when I came home. That never, ever sucks.

–Later I’ll go to a send-off party for an old Eagle-Tribune colleague who is leaving. Many long-time friends will be there. That doesn’t suck.

–I’ve reconnected with another old friend from high school, and I didn’t need Facebook to do it. That doesn’t suck.

–I’ve got an iPod crammed with all my favorite rock and metal: Thin Lizzy, Motley Crue, NIN. With metal, things don’t suck as bad as they otherwise might.

–I made it another day without giving in to my addictive impulses. That doesn’t suck.

–I controlled my OCD yesterday more than it controlled me. That didn’t suck so much.

–Tomorrow’s Sunday, which means Mass in the morning. When you let the man upstairs into your life, big, sucky things become smaller, not-so-sucky things.

–The sun is shining. Since too much cloudiness and darkness screws with my mental balance, sunshine doesn’t suck.

–Thursday I turn 40. Some people would be depressed about turning 40, but truth be told, after some of what I’ve been through, I never really expected to reach 40. So with that perspective, aging doesn’t suck.

I have to go do the grocery shopping. That does suck a little bit. But then it’ll be done, and that doesn’t suck.


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