A Good Day

These are the ingredients of a good day:

–Getting up at 4 and writing in this blog with a strong cup of coffee on the table beside me and Korn in the headphones.

–Seeing the sun rise from my living room chair at 5:30.

–Talking to my OA sponsor at 6:15.

–Talking to one of fellows I sponsor in OA at 7:30.

–Having an abstinent breakfast with the family and helping Erin get the kids ready for camp.

–Banging out this column and this podcast for CSOonline before 11 a.m.

–Helping unload a truck full of donated food at the church food pantry from 11:15ish to noon.

–Having an abstinent lunch with Erin and the kids.

–Nailing a couple interviews I’ve been trying to get done for the past week for a special report I’m working on.

–Having an abstinent dinner with Erin and the boys.

–Roughhousing with the kids on the living room floor after dinner.

–Reading Duncan a chapter of “Charlotte’s Web.”

–Finalizing plans for my day off on the beach tomorrow.

–Crawling into bed early with Erin and a good book.

–Not feeling the urge to binge all day.

–Getting through another day WITHOUT my brain spinning out of control.

–Having the next day to look forward to.

Goodnight, folks.


One thought on “A Good Day

  1. Every day is a fresh start! Enjoy your Beach day tomorrow! I like how you list the entire day as a good day! Sharon will ask me two questions” what was the best part of your day?” and “What did you get to cook today” ? Then I ask her ” So… how bad was your day?” You’re a good Kid Bill

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