Coping With Tired: Tools of a Reformed Addict and OCD Case

Several writings about how the author copes with exhaustion.

Mood music for this post: “I’m So Tired,” from The Beatles White Album:

Someone who saw my “songs to play when tired” post asked what I do about being tied besides music and coffee. People with addictions and mental disorders are often tired — even when in recovery. These writings cover how I keep exhaustion at bay:

Rest Re-defined
The author finds that he gets the most relaxation from the things he once feared the most.

The Bright Side of Exhaustion
For someone with OCD, a little exhaustion can be just what the doctor ordered.

Somewhat Damaged
Sometimes the author lives in overdrive. The result is pain.

The Rewards and Risk of Service: A Cautionary Tale
Service is a major tool of recovery. But it can also be dangerous.

This is Your Brain on Restlessness
The author has hit a wall with his recovery. It’s not what you think.

Writing to Save My Life: The author on why he became a writer and how it shaped his recovery from mental illness and addiction.

How I Became the Easy Parent
Here’s a side of my recovery that the kids enjoy: I’m more of a push-over than I used to be.


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