My Revere Attitude

I could tell you I’m a real bad-ass because I grew up in Revere, Mass. But that would be a lie.

Since I’ve reconnected with quite a few of my old Revere neighbors of late, it seems appropriate that I feature some of the blog posts that focus on my Point-of-Pines childhood:

THE BRIDGE RATS: The author reviews the imperfections of childhood relationships in search of all his OCD triggers. Along the way, old bullies become friends.

LOST BROTHERS: Remembering Michael S. Brenner, 1966-1984.

MARLEY AND ME: Remembering Sean J. Marley, 1966-1996

ADDICTED TO FEELING GOOD — A LOVE/HATE STORY: The author reflects on some of his dumber quests to feel good.

PEACE AT THE SCENE OF THE CRIME: The author visits an old thinking spot behind a boat yard in his old neighborhood and finds something he forgot about.

23 thoughts on “My Revere Attitude

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