Digging Through Trash, Finding Treasure

I’ve slowly been digging through a bunch of old boxes I put in storage in my father’s Saugus warehouse, and while I have yet to find my old journals, I did strike some gold in today’s rummage fest.

The biggest find of all: my late brother’s high school yearbook, which he never lived to see. Near the end of the book they put a page in tribute to him.

Also in the pile: A very faded photo of my brother fishing on the Marley Family boat. At the wheel is Sean Marley. This is around 1980, half a decade before the friendship between me and Sean truly began taking root.

I also found pictures of my great-grandmother, Jessie Wiener. To me, she was always “Granny.”

Expect upcoming entries that focus on these finds.


2 thoughts on “Digging Through Trash, Finding Treasure

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