Saturday Morning Rituals

Me and the kids have a tradition Sean calls Saturday Morning Ritual.

Sean and Duncan yank me from my nice warm bed at 6 a.m. or earlier and we go downstairs to the living room for computer games, TV or Legos — sometimes all at once.

I basically just sit in my chair by the window, drinking my coffee and watching whatever the kids are up to. I also repeatedly bark at them to keep their voices down, because waking Mom up before she’s ready on a weekend is simply not advisable.

It shouldn’t surprise you that I cherish this ritual.

I also pull up the iTunes library and start waking up to whatever music is on my mind. So guess what? I’m adding something to the Saturday Morning Ritual. I’m going to share some music.

As I’ve written before, one of my most important tools for coping with and managing OCD and the resulting addictions is music — the loud, metallic kind. As an angry kid going through a lot of trouble in the 1980s, Motley Crue was one of the bands I listened to most. The anger in the lyrics fit me. In adulthood, I’ve also become a fan of Sixx A.M., the side band Nikki Sixx put together to make the soundtrack for “The Heroin Diaries.”

I was lucky enough to stumble over a string of live performances from both bands this week, and simply must share it with you. My favorite thing about these is Mick Mars, one of the most underrated guitarists ever. The guy has a bone disease that forces him to stand in the same place for the whole performance. He’s been through the wringer. And WATCHING him play is simply awe-inspiring. So let’s begin …

Primal Scream

Looks That Kill

Same ‘ol Situation

Saints of Los Angeles

Wild Side

Home Sweet Home

Sixx A.M.: Pray for Me

Life is Beautiful

Life is indeed beautiful. Enjoy.


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