Blogs to Live By

Once in awhile, I like to flag other people’s blogs for you to check out. Because it’s not always about me, despite what my OCD-laden mind often tells me.

I’m reading the following blogs a lot these days because each offers  a unique slice of life. Let’s begin:

Scorpionic — This is my favorite blog of late, because the writing is raw and edgy, just the way I like it. It’s written by my old Rockit Records chum Christian Campagna. Man, we had a lot of fun in that record store.

I remember him chewing tobacco and spitting it into a glass juice bottle and smoking cigarettes at the front door of the store when we should have been inside organizing merchandise and such. Fast forward to his blog.

My Photo

He’s been living in California and writes a lot about his longing to be back home in Boston. Fortunately for those of us on the homefront, he’s moving back for good at month’s end. His blog includes a lot of photos and narrative about his cross-country travels, which the traveler in me really loves.

Conquering “Crazy” — This recent discovery is written by Greg Dungan. Like my OCD Diaries, Greg’s blog is a recent start-up. He focuses like a laser beam on the core craziness as he experiences it. It reads more like an actual day-by-day diary, whereas mine is more a collection of longer narratives with a lot of focus on the byproducts of my affliction.

Like me, music is important to him, and he is also a seeker who is trying to find the core of his spirituality. I especially love his first entry, “OK, So I’m Crazy.” Here’s an excerpt:

“I have exhibited symptoms of OCD for as long as I can remember. Recently, these symptoms have intensified. What used to be the “things that make me unique” have become the “things that make me crazy”. This blog is about my struggle with this demon. This is where I will record my day to day thoughts and struggles – my defeats and my victories. I have two choices at this point in my life – roll over and die or fight my way out. I’ve never been one for rolling over and I’m not about to start now.

“You’re welcome to walk this valley with me. If you are living with OCD or if someone you love is, take heart. There are brighter days somewhere, and we will find them together.”

Brighter days ahead? You bet your ass there are.

Reassembler — I feel a little weird about including this because the author is my boss, CSO Editor-In-Chief Derek Slater. Including it here can easily be interpreted as sucking up. But here me out: Few people suffer more at the hands of my OCD-driven, overbearing personality than Derek Slater. I constantly force my music down his throat. I’m stubborn about my work. The least I could do for this poor soul is give his personal blog a mention.

Kidding aside, this is a great blog for those who love cooking, chess and the writing craft itself. To truly appreciate the flavor of this blog, check out what some readers have to say on the homepage:

Encomia for Reassembler

“This move is so bad I didn’t even consider it.” – Anonymous “You have departed from reality.” – J. Gallant“…I was put off by the variety of topics…” – H. Reed“Your blog…should not be read.” – L.E. Product

“It makes me angry!” – S. Pawn

“You’re kind of all over the place.” – M.Kaprielian

“Bummer.” – Anonymous Greg

“I read your blog and read and read, and finally I just said…I don’t get it.” – B.Brown

“We love the disinterest.” – M. Phelps

By the way, my favorite profile photo on all of Facebook is of derek getting an ass-whooping at chess.

Veritate et Virtute — This blog is written by Christopher Burgess, a director and senior security advisor for Cisco. Chris writes about security in another blog on, but this blog is his personal space, where you really get a glimpse into his heart.


He recently wrote a post about human sex trafficking and the impact on children:

“Nevada, is infamous as the only state in the United States which has legalized prostitution, and thus when one hears of prostitution and Las Vegas, its far too often a ho-hum affair.  Not a good mix, by any measure when it comes to the prospects for our children.  You see, there is one other distinction enjoyed by Nevada, it is one of the primary destinations within the United States for trafficked and sexually exploited children. With the knowledge that the average age at the beginning of the exploitation is 12 years of age, we need to be concerned and we need to pay attention, regardless of where we reside.”

He has also been a staunch fighter in the war against childhood hunger. My parental side can’t help but like the guy.

Run DMZ — I’ve already made my affection for Anne Saita clear in my “Office Mom” post. She was my boss at SearcghSecurity at a pivitol moment in my life, when my fight against OCD began in earnest. If she weren’t my boss at that critical moment, I’m not so sure I’d be where I am today. Putting all that aside, her blog is a fantastic read for anyone who has an interest in running, health, family and friendship. The woman knows how to live, and she could teach you a few things.

3 thoughts on “Blogs to Live By

  1. Bill, thanks for the shout. I hope that sharing my journey with the world at large makes a difference for some folks. Thanks also for your writing. I find your edgy honesty inspiring. Good luck and stay in touch.

  2. Bill, thank you for your call out of my blog and specifically my series on the Trafficking of our Children in the United States where far too often the child is viewed as a commodity to be sold and resold. You honor me.
    All the best,

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