Back to Boston

It’s 12:45 a.m. west coast time as I write this, and I’ve just packed for the morning flight home after a week of pounding the pavement of San Francisco during the RSA security conference and the nearby Security B-Sides event.

I was in OCD overdrive the whole time in terms of writing, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Seven articles, two podcasts and scheduled a high-profile interview for next week.

I kept the OCD in check in all other respects and enjoyed the company of old workmates like Rob Westervelt, Mike Mimoso, Eric Parizo and Dennis Fisher tonight. I spent the week getting better acquainted with folks in the security industry. It was great seeing Jennifer Jabbusch, Dave Lewis, Jack Daniel, Todd Kimball, Martin McKeay, Erin Jacobs, Chris Hoff, and many, many others.

The security industry is full of fascinating characters who are all trying to make their own corner of cyberspace a little safer. It’s a joy to cover their work.

I started the trip obsessing about a busted VPN that cut me off from the programs I use to post articles as well as Microsoft Outlook, though I can’t say losing the latter bothered me much.

The worry was a waste of time. Derek Slater and Joan Goodchild got my stuff on our site faster than I would have. It illustrates the value of letting the little things go.

Most importantly, I kept the eating in check and stayed sober.

All little gifts that amount to one huge Blessing.

Tomorrow will be the greatest gift of all — returning to Erin, Sean and Duncan. I always miss them terribly on these trips and have to figure out how to take them with me on future journeys.

I’m ready to be home.

It’s 1:13 a.m. now, an hour I haven’t been awake for in a very long time. I’m going to put on some Avett Brothers and go to sleep for three and a half hours. That not much, but I can sleep on the plane.

Thanks again to everyone who watched out for me this trip.

Sleep time. Here’s my bedtime music:

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