Early Morning

I slept in this morning, which means I didn’t roll out of bed until 6 a.m. San Francisco time. Back home it was 9 a.m. It feels like I slept half the day away.

That might not sound right to those of you who sleep more normal hours.

But the truth is, I prefer getting up at 4 a.m.

The house is quiet. I can write as the coffee seeps into my bloodstream. It’s peaceful. When I reach the office before 6 a.m., I feel like I own the place for a couple hours. I blare metal from the iTunes library and get to work, and nobody’s there at that hour to be bothered by it.

So sleeping late, while a pleasure for some, is an annoyance to me.

No matter. I’m covering a lot of ground out here, so the body was pretty depleted at bedtime. I feel good now and I’m ready to take on this city again.

Security B-Sides is this morning. I can’t wait for the talks and the article or two I’ll get out of it. Back to the RSA conference around lunchtime to interview some folks from Microsoft for a podcast I’ll put together tomorrow morning.



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