Serious Songs I Can’t Take Seriously

For some reason, the author always seems to get the most comic relief from things that are supposed to be serious.

I’ve spent a lot of time in this blog talking about music and humor as therapy. Today, I share some more favorites. The thing is, everything I’m about to share isn’t meant to be funny. But for someone with a dark sense of humor, these things offer true levity. Seriously.

Poison: “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”

The very fact that Brett Michaels sings these lyrics with a straight face makes you wonder if he was taking himself a bit too seriously. By the way, this is my friend Linda White’s all-time favorite song.

DIO: “Rock and Roll Children”

Ronnie James Dio. The man. Scary and intense during his Black Sabbath days. Then, to keep up with all the glam bands of the mid-1980s, he went and did this.

Iron Maiden: The Number of the Beast:

I find everything from this band funny. I can’t help it.

Loudness: “Hit The Rails”

I can’t understand a thing the singer is saying. But that was always part of the fun with this, Japan’s biggest, baddest metal band.

Motley Crue: “Smoking in the Boys Room”

You all know I love this band. And true, there was meant to be humor here. But their glam image in 1985, along with their choice of this song to cover, shows they truly were on drugs.

Tomorrow: Serious films I Can’t Take Seriously


4 thoughts on “Serious Songs I Can’t Take Seriously

  1. A serious song I can’t take seriously is that horrible Christmas Shoes one. I laugh my behind off every time it comes on at christmas. I mean seriously, wtf?

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