Things That Make Me Laugh

Early in the life of this blog, I wrote about humor as one of my most indispensable OCD coping tools in “Laugh It Up, Fuzzball.” I expanded on it Monday in my “Power of Sarcasm” post. Today, I have fresh humor to share.

A never-ending source of laughter is my kids. Every day they say things that make me wonder where the hell they came from. They came from God, of course, and they definitely get their brains from their Mom. I admit they get some of their bathroom humor from me. What can I say? I did grow up in one of the reigning capitals of bathroom humor. And I worked in a record store where we often used toilet humor to pass the time.

Anyway, the kid example:

Item: Duncan comes running down the stairs red-faced. “What’s the matter?” I ask. Duncan says, “Sean called me cupcake!”

Item: Annoyed at the effort I have to make to get the kids out of bed on time, I decide to turn on the old-fashioned, bells-on-the-top alarm clock on their nightstand. It goes off on queue, to Sean’s dismay. Sean says, “Dad, don’t ever turn that thing on again. It rattles my brain and makes me cranky.”

Item: Duncan, when asking for a cheese sandwich, tells me I can use any kind of cheese except for the “cheese wedgies” (he meant cheese wedges).

Item: Erin expresses her dismay one afternoon over the inability of the three boys in her house to have their coats and shoes on in time to leave for an appointment. Sean responds: “Well, we are the Baloney Boys.”

Another source of laughter is a relatively obscure comic series called Savage Chickens, penned on post-it notes by Doug Savage. Here are two favorites:

Savage Chickens - Death

Savage Chickens - Coffee Is My Muse

Then there’s the FakeAPStylebook, which I follow on Twitter. Here are some gems:

Putting a lowercase “i” in front of capitalized words in stories about Apple is iDiotic.

When interviewing Satan remember that he is the Prince of Lies and will tell you his name is actually “Heywood Jablomi.”

All scandal names should end with the suffix “-gate,” as all scandals center around the Watergate complex.

“Catwoman” is the Batman villain. “Cat Woman” is your neighbor whose apartment smells funny.

I saved the movies for last, because pointing to funny films is the typical thing to do. But they are important, so here we go…

I tend to get the biggest kick out of the dark humor. I guess it hits me where I live. But then there are movies that make fun of other movies. “Spaceballs,” anyone?

Con Air is universally panned as a bad movie. But I love it. Cheap explosions. Bad dialogue. Bad is funny when done right.

Johnny Dangerously was panned as well. But it’s one of my favorites. How can you go wrong with Roman Moroney?

There’s plenty more, but it’s time for me to go write about information security


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