The Stormy Present

A week and a half into this blog, I have most of the backstory etched in. There’s a little more backstory to come, particularly on how Faith has played a central role in my recovery and about how the signs of my craziness were there in my early 20s. More humor is yet to come as well.

Response to this blog has been tremendous, and I thank those who are taking time to comment.

Until the next entries, I’d like to direct your attention toward the right side of this page, where I’ve been fleshing out the Blogroll. There are two worth paying special attention to, both from former Eagle-Tribune colleagues.

Penny Writes, Penny Remembers is not an easy read. The author, Penny Morang Richards, experienced the worst kind of hell imaginable last month: The death of her only child in a motorcycle crash. The wounds are still fresh, and she writes about her grief with the same soulfulness I remember in her E-T columns back in the day.

That she can even face the keyboard every day and etch the pain in stone tells me that she’s ultimately going to emerge from this with a purpose that many, many people will benefit from. It’s a great blog about stumbling forward — falling and crying along the way, but moving forward all the same.

The Sweetest Reasons is Olivia Gatti’s chronicle of family, including her husband and two precious daughters. It warms the heart and is chock full of photos (she is, without exaggeration, one of the best photographers I’ve worked with in the last 16 years).

Taken together, the blogs are an excellent snapshot of the darkness and light we all experience in our life’s journey.


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