Welcome to The OCD Diaries

I’ve thought about starting a personal blog for a long time, but resisted. The usual social networking platforms  work just fine for proliferating my articles and podcasts for the site I work for, CSOonline.com. As for the personal stuff, I try to keep it limited to the amusing things my children say on a daily basis or what I’m reading or what kind of music I’m listening to. But the deeper stuff I’ve always kept to myself. Recent events have convinced me it’s time to start sharing.


Because I’ve been around the block a few times and think I might just possibly have a little wisdom worth passing on to folks who are traveling the road I’ve been down already. Also: I tend to go through periods of brooding this time of year and writing is good therapy, right?

I’ll occasionally mention some deeply personal stuff. The goal isn’t to start a pity party. Every one of us travels through the storm. And in the end, I’m extremely grateful for where my life is at today. I guess that’s why I’m doing this: To show that there’s a way through the storm.

I’m calling this The OCD Diaries because that disorder has been my personal storm. In learning to manage it and conquer fear, I have learned the true beauty of life.

Now that this first awkward post is done, time to dress up this blog and start finding my groove.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to The OCD Diaries

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  2. Bill, I too, read your work on CSO Online and came across this through a twitter friend. What a great blog. My hubs also has a milder case of OCD although as our years progress it gets a bit stronger. Your comment about the laptop in and out of the bag repeatedly is something I witness daily – only his triggers are locking the doors at night and checking the stove – in 5 sets of 15 count. As real as it is, we can laugh about it too. It’s important to be able to do so. Anyway, just wanted to let you know, I’ll be reading The OCD Diaries too now. Thanks so much for sharing. ~J

  3. Bill, I read your work on CSO online regularly and came across this blog my accident. I want to thank you for writing this blog. It is honest and as someone who suffers from what I believe is a mild case of OCD it is helpful to read your thoughts. The holidays are always a tough time for me as well, and I think it is because everyone else is so happy; it makes me wonder what is wrong with me. On a side note, my husband has Crohn’s Disease so I understand what you are going through on that front.
    I look forward to reading your future posts.

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